The Brief

A Place To Meet was designed for a young couple in an urban setting. This small space shows how you can pack in the interest. It boast multiple levels, a plunge pool, contemporary landscaping, a pond and planting that supports wildlife. 

The build of this garden truly echoed what the Association of Professional Landscapers is all about - collaboration and high standards. We had over 18 contractors contribute to the build, helping main contractors Kebur, as well as supplies from Landscape Plus and plants from Creepers Nursery.

The modern landscaping compromised of Pearl Leather Sandstone and black granite, laid in clean straight lines. As for the planting, I chose the Szechuan Pepper Tree, Zanthoxylum Simulans, for its small ash-like, fragrant leaves. Birds and bees are attracted to the blossoms and the fruit of this tree which grows well in the South of England. In keeping with the brief for the A Place to Meet garden, it is perfect for urban gardens because it stays quite small. 

The remainder of the planting in this Silver Medal winning garden mixed grasses with native umbellifers and structural shrubs as well as aquatic planting in the pond.

Plant List


Betula utilis Jaquemontii

Prunus serrula

Zanthoxylum simulans


Buddleja Miss Ruby

Euonymous alata

Osmanthus burkwodii


Catanache caerulea

Daucus carota dara

Deschampsia cespitosa Bronze Veil

Euphorbia ceratocarpa

Francoa sonchifolia Pink Bouquet

Galium odoratum

Iris Chrysographes

Knautia macedonica

liatris spicata

Lychnis white robin

Melica altisimma alba

Molinia caerula Moorhexe


Oryala gran

Phalaris arundinacea 

Ranunculus acris

Sanguisorba tanna Pink

Stipa ichu

verbena hastata Blue Spire


Alisma plantago

Butomus umbelatus

Carex riparia

Juncus ensifolius

Phragmites communis varigata

Pontederia lanceolata

Tulbhagia violacea